Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ideas for new house

I am going to have a bad case of start-itis when I get to PA. I want to make bath mats for the bathrooms, I may want to try making drapes-short one for decoration over the kitchen window, and I had the thought of making myself a lap blanket for when I knit. Plus a few others. I considered knitting place mats for the table but I decided I wanted to buy stain resistant ones since my family are very messy eaters and I don't want all my hard work ruined after one meal.. Plus they will have to be washed after each meal. Click on the links to see pictures. -lap blanket -curtains -bathmat -plastic bag holder -napkin rings

I am currently working on a scarf/shawlette. Here is a picture of what I am working on currently with my new camera:

As you can see it looks pretty good-the camera I mean. the color is right. I uploaded the picture with Hannah's computer and it doesn't appear you can click on the picture for a better look but try and see if you can. I can't. The pattern has leaves on the edge. They will look better I hope when it's blocked. The two strange lines are lifelines and I will pull them out later. It's so if I make a mistake I only have to rip back to the line and not all the way to the beginning.

I am knitting this with yarn called Blue Sky Alpaca Silk. It's 50% silk and 50% alpaca. I love it! It's so soft. It takes 3 skeins. I walked into the yarn shop with the intention of buying different yarn but walked out with this when I saw the shop sample of this pattern!. Funny thing was I had this pattern in my hand when I walked in. I had 3 patterns and I choose this one because of the sample.

The section I am doing is called the increase section. As you can see it's getting larger as I go. There are 14 rows in each repeat. I am doing the repeat twice. I will have 12 leaves when the section is finished. It will use 1 skein of yarn. Then the next section is the straight section that has another 14 row repeat but I knit that 10 times. I will also knit that repeat twice and use 1 skein of yarn. The last section is the decrease section. It is the same as the increase section. 14 row repeat and I will knit that twice.

I really like this pattern. It is so easy! See ya when i get to PA!