Saturday, March 22, 2014


This hat is really trying my patience. It's a hat I'm knitting for my unborn niece. I know how to rib-or I thought I did. I have ripped out the brim, never more than 1/2 inch long 8-10 times !!!! I tried everything, magic loop, I bought a hat needle, tried two needles. I finally decided to knit on straight needles. But I gave away all my needles. But I remembered that you can knit straight on a circular needle. I decided to do that as a last resort. I will have to seam up the brim but I can handle that. This almost 1-1/2 inch piece in the picture has taken me a week!  Can you believe it?! 

I think I finally have it beat. Putting in life lines every few rows really helps my sanity and I am far enough along that I don't have to rip it all out and cast on 84 stitches again. I'll keep you posted.


I haven't posted in awhile. I went to the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival. It was in a large ballroom with many many vendors. They had the Olympic sweaters on display! I got some pictures.

 I finally broke my year long yarn diet. But this was just an appetizer. I plan to go full pig out mode in May when I go to Maryland. I can't seem to stop collecting Packer yarn when I find it. The purple yarn is for two baby hats and two sets of baby socks for two different babies. I spent a pretty penny on this yarn so I hope they like it even if they don't appreciate what went into them. 

The yarn is much more tonal that the picture shows. You can see a better picture below. The gray yarn is from a breed called Jacob sheep. Slightly rustic. The red yarn is 50/50 merino and angora. The brown yarn is 25% cashmere 25% angora and 50% merino. 

I plan to start the first baby hat on Sunday. I am practicing a pattern for baby socks with this stupid acrylic that I bought. I'm not sure if the socks will look like socks when I am done. It requires some seaming. I make a point when I go to these festivals to try and buy yarn that you can't buy or easily buy in your local yarn store. I found out the red yarn is discontinued. 

More next time!  Bye!