Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Projects for the new year

Now that the 1,000 pound hat on my shoulders is done I feel so light!  I am going to focus on working on my wips (works in projects). I'm currently working on my black shawl. I want to finish this fourth skein before I buy the last four to finish this. It is wider at the top but I can't stretch it out fully because stitches would fall off the needles.

Other projects I plan to work on is a scarf, my blue Rowan shawl, a poncho, and two more shawlettes. Plus I have to fix Grace's stocking. I have a calendar app that I have scheduled a week for each project. 

Once March comes this grand plan may fall apart as I will be going to the Pittsburgh knit and crochet show. Then in may I will go to maryland sheep and Wool Festival. It is the second largest show next to the New York sheep and Wool festival (aka rhinebeck). I fully intend  to run wild and buy a bunch of yarn. I can't wait!!!!!!!!