Saturday, November 26, 2011

2012 Knitting Resolutions

Finish all my project for this year. There are 12 of them.

Learn the Brioche stitch

Learn the Linen stitch

Buy some expensive yarn

Buy some Malabrigo yarn-Check bought some sock yarn

Christmas knitting update

Well, I am working on the hat for Joel and the shawl for Grace. But...the hat looks terrible. The ribbing is bad and loose and holey. I decided I was going to finish it, gift it to Joel but as soon as he looks at it and tries it on I am taking it back, ripping it out and redoing it with smaller needles. I hope I can take what I learned knitting it and having him try it on so I can make it work finally. Why can't I do ribbing?

Grace's shawl will not get done either. It looks like it will take at least 3 skeins or maybe 4. I am not quite halfway through the second skein. I will gift it to her with the needles in it and then take it back and finish it however long it takes.

Hannah's hat: I decided to not knit it for Christmas but for her birthday. With the hat and the shawl I just don't have time. My interest on the hat and shawl is not what it should be. I am so interested in getting back to knitting for myself and for others that aren't my family.

I bought two skeins of sock today so I can cast on for another pair of socks in the new year. I have one pair on the needles which I will get back to in the new year.

Friday, November 18, 2011

My single sock story

Back in July I made my first sock. Yes, only one. I had one skein of Patons Kroy sock yarn. I didn't have enough to make a second sock. I made an ankle sock. I went looking for the colorway and no stores in the area carry it. So I have an orphan sock.

Today I went to a football game and the weather was cold mid to high 30's and windy. I decided to do an experiment. On one foot I wore my handknit sock. On the other foot I wore two of my normal cotton socks. I wanted to see which foot stayed warmer. I wore my sketchers shape ups.

I forgot about my feet till halftime. I focused on my feet and noticed that both feet seemed equally warm. My toes were the only things chilly. At the end of the game I noticed that they were still equally warm. So my wool sock did as good a job as two cotton socks. I am very pleased with the sock. It was warm and comfortable. I can't wait to make a pair now. I will have to buy 2 skeins this time. I will wear my orphan sock now with pride.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Birthday scarf is done!

I finally finished my nephew's birthday scarf. It didn't turn out perfect but I hope his mother likes it enough to have him wear it. It is plenty long. He is a small kid for a year old. There are so many people who will not knit for those who do not appreciate it. I hope my sister in law is not one of them.

Onto my Christmas knitting!. I am currently knitting a shawl for my daughter and a hat for my other daughter. Although I have run into a snag. I do not have size 7 inch circulars. I asked the designer if the pattern could be done on straights. I hope she gets back to me quickly otherwise I will have to find money for the circulars. The last thing I am knitting is a hat for my husband. Hopefully it will turn out ok and be large enough. I'm a bit concerned that 88 stitches is not going to be big enough to fit his head. But we shall see.

I am anxious for the new year so I can get back to my own knitting and start on new gifts for others. I have 2 teachers and a possible third person in the works for gifts. A scarf for one teacher, dishclothes and dishtowels for the other teacher and a scarf for the third person. If I start in January, they should all get done by May which is the deadline. When in May I don't know yet.