Saturday, May 25, 2013

Finished some thing!

It's done! I got my new MP3 Player/Samsung ipod on Monday. It was really easy to make. I just did 2 by 2 ribbing on straight needles till when I folded it, it covered the player. Then I bound off till where I wanted the strap. I knit those four stitches then bound off the rest. I went back and knit the strap till it was the length I wanted. I bound off those 4 stitches. Then I seamed up the sides. Next I made the icord necklace. Finally I sewed on the snaps. I am not a sewer so I had no idea there were sew on snaps. Brilliant! I am very happy with it. Now, back to my shawl.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blanket turned into a shawl x 2

After knitting 5 -10 rows of the blanket there was hardly any progress made. My 4 skeins wouldn't go far and I feared I would have to triple the number of skeins needed to get a decennt sized lap blanket. I decided to frog it and make something else. I found a shawl that takes the amount of yarn I have plus maybe one skein if I decide I need it. It is quite simple and it's coming along nicely. It will be black but black goes with everything so...Plus it's peruvian wool so it's slightly rustic. I like the feel the fabric is making, soft, squishy and stretchy. One of these days I will finish something. I really want a shawl. I have 3 on the needles and none are done.

This pattern is interesting and slightly boring at the same time. I have learned how to wrap stitches and do short rows. I hope I did it right. I could not find a video on what I wasn't sure of when it came to 'working" the wrapped stitches. I really can't tell very well how the pattern is coming along since I am using black yarn. I just finished one pattern repeat and will do 3-4 more. I have to do 2 rows 23 times. Then I have to work the wrapped stitches that occur during those 23 rows. I am getting close to using up the first skein I have. I love how the ruffles are made without really realizing it.

Well, the shawl is no more. I really liked how it looked but I am convinced I did something wrong. There were to many ruffles and no stright edge that goes around your neck like the picture shows. I decided to frog it (rip it out) and start a new pattern. I do not like this one quite as much but the pattern is easier. The other one was a yarn hog due to the short rows as I realized as I ripped it out. But I really did like the fabric I got. So now I am doing a shawl that is a cross between a shawl and Ruana. It's longer in the back than in the front. This one doesn't eat yarn and has taken a few rows to start showing the pattern like the picture shows. Here's a picture: We will see how thins one goes.