Sunday, July 21, 2013

Shawl Pictures

I should have included these in my last post but it was dark and late.
This is the simple black shawl.
It could take forever.
This one is the one with the leaf border. You can see the ball of yarn that is left in the skein. I have a few leaves left before I run out. This one will take even longer.


Hi. It's been awhile. Not a whole lot to tell. I finally started working on Grace's stocking Friday. I am working on the fuzzy top part. So far so good. I will be glad to be done with the top because I'm not used to working with fuzzy yarn. Of the other three projents I'm working on, are 2 shawls.  One is a black simple triangle shawl using the wool I made Sam's hat out of (which I think he lost). I have 4 skeins so a shawl it is. I really like it and it won't be itchy like the hat was. I will remake Sam a hat but now that he is almost always cashiering and not pushing carts, a hat isn't as neccessary. I will make it in a yarn that is less itchy, less warm since it is a double knit hat and with cheaper quality yarn (aka mostly acrylic) so that if it gets lost, I won't be as upset.

The black shawl is coming along nicely. I am almost through 1 skein with 3 more to go. The other project is another shawl. It's a beige one with leaves as the border. That one is only 3 skeins but a thinner yarn and is much more slow going. Each section as as least 6 leaves to it. I plan to make as many leaves as a skein will allow (I am on the 6th leaf of section 1 with enough yarn left for another few leaves) then go to the next section. I want to use all the yarn. The last project is that blue sock. I put it away for awhile trying to decide if I should keep going and deal with how it feels after it's done or rip it all out and use the pattern I made my first two socks out of. Socks hate me. I haven't made a good one yet. The problem with the pattern I used first is that it is direction heavy and I have to look at my notes a lot and keep taking new ones. It's not a pattern I think I will ever have memorized. I wish I could conquor it so I can love knitting socks. I have some great sock yarn begging to be used.

We are going on vacation next month and I have to decide what projects to take. The black shawl for sure since it's so easy and I have the pattern memorized. The stocking to. Maybe that will be it. I plan to hit 2 yarn shops in South Carolina so maybe inspiration will hit and I will see some yarn or a pattern that begs me to knit it. I am such a slow knitter that it takes so long to use up any of my yarn to justify buying more. But If I finish these 2 shawls by next May, I will have reduced my stash by 7 skeins of yarn! Easily replenished at Maryland Sheep and Wool.

I will update as the shawls progress.