Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Finishes

I have 2 new finishes. I finished the scarf and I made a pair of fingerless mitts. The scarf looks odd because I had to use two seperate colors. But as long as it will cover up my scar I don't really care. I really do love this yarn as both projects were made out of it. It's called Bernat Waverly. Joann's sells it. It's really soft and doesn't feel cheap like Red Heart does.

 I made the mitts for me but I realized they don't keep my fingertips warm. I never did understand the concept. So I will make the other one and give them to Hannah who said she liked them. Grace said she liked them to but really likes fliptop mittens and I do to. I just need to figure out how to make the flip top part on this pattern. These were so easy and quick. My knitting was good-finally!. I was worried about the thumb but sewing up the thumb area while wearing really does help you see what to do. I must say I was surprised the girls like these mitts since I made them. Hannah bought a beret hat yesterday (on sale for $2) and I was disapointed and told her I was going to knit her one for her birthday. She said she wanted one with color in it. The one she bought was a beige/creme color. I will show her yarn I was going to use and see if she likes it.

Back to working on my WIPS...

Monday, January 14, 2013

Knitting black hole

Here is one of the scarves I am making for my surgery. Problem is, it's only half done. You would think that bulky yarn and garter stitch would make for a fast scarf, well, it doesn't. I couldn't find the same shade of blue so I had two options: I could go a darker blue or go lighter with a white/cream. I choose the lighter. I figured it wouldn't look so stark up against the blue. You can see a little of it here. basically it's going to be half blue and half creamy white. It needs to be long enough to go through the loop and hang down a decent amount.

I have been working on the other scarf as well. I really like the feel of the yarn but it is as slow as the blue scarf. I am at 24 inches and need 42 at least. Then I'm not even done. I need to knit on the edging of ruffles. In the dark recesses of my mind I am contemplating not knitting on the ruffle. I can always do it later if I want, that's the cool thing about this.  It is very demoralizing to knit and knit and never get anywhere.

I'm doing a row here and there on the hat for Joel and a scarf for dad.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Toys and scarves

Look what I bought!

                                            The beige scarf, my thyroid scarf and Joel's hat.

                                                                      A scarf

                                                                      The poncho

I have two socks that I am working on that I didn't put in there along with a shawl and one or two other projects. I wanted something to put my knitting in to organize it and so I can let Daisy into the living room on a more permanant basis. It was 40% off and was $35.00 regular price. So far I really like it. I want to get some smaller ones to organize my odds and ends so I can get rid of the two baskets on either side of the rocker.

I started Joel's hat. I started two other things which will be gifts down the road. I am still working on what I now call my thyroid scarf.

It will cover up my scar quite nicely, if I can get it done. I am looking for the yarn in the color I have and I can't find it. It's after Chrsitmas so inventory is low. I have at least one more Joanns to look at before I give up and make it a double color scarf which I don't want to do. Problem is I don't have the ball band so I don't know what color it is called. It's light blue.

I decided that I am going to try and work exculsively on my 3 scarves in progress. This one and these two:

Not much progress made on either but I can wear these hopefully soon. I just knit a row of the maroon scarf and I forgot how soft and thick it is. I will work on this more. It's just that it is a very long scarf 47 inches long. That's why I don't work on it much. I fear I will never get it done. The beige one looks to be about half done. There is supposed to be 12 leaves and I have 6 done.