Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Four at a time!

Yikes! I am busy. I am working on all these at the same time. I am almost done with the ribbing on the bottom of my sweater. Can't wait to to start the endless miles of mindless knitting of the body of the sweater!

I started Sam's Syracuse hat. This is the start of the blue hat. It will be 2 hats in 1. A full blue hat and a full orange hat that will be reversible with either an orange brim or a blue brim. I am trying to get it done by October so I can bring it to him in October for parents weekend. I hope he likes it. 

The second bird nest is coming along. It's taking way longer than the first one. I want to make like 10 of them and send half to wildlife places in Madison and California. It makes me feel better to knit for animals than people. Animals can't hurt your feelings if they don't use the nests. Mothers who won't let their kid wear what you make hurts my feelings. I want to make hats for the babies and toddlers and 1-2 year olds in church but I'm afraid they won't like them and the kid won't wear it. I want to use the 5 skeins I have of this yarn for the nests up.  

The sock is coming but it is really slow going even if it was the only thing I was knitting. Fingering weight yarn and size 1 needles are slow going. But so far so good.

Back to knitting.....