Monday, March 7, 2011

It's done! But uh oh.....

I finished the scarf! It curled badly but I decided to try to iron it and hit it with steam. It worked! It's flat. But I noticed my knitting got really bad at a point. I am embarrassed. Very raggety edges and at one point you can see I increased some stitches somehow. I'm thinking it might look better curled so you can't see the mistakes. The hole is supposed to be there as it is a scarf with a slit. I learned many lessons on this scarf. COUNT YOUR STITCHES every 2-3 rows. Use a lifeline. This yarn was hard to work with as getting good tension was difficult. I also learned that binding off on the purl side looks much better than the knit side. Plus I need to learn a tighter cast on. I will do that from now on. I will wear this scarf but see If I can hide the mistakes. Hopefully no one will look at it too close or touch it.

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