Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blue Shawl update

After much gut checking, I have decided to rip out the blue shawl and start over. I have knit 10 rows so far. With such thin yarn it is very slow going. In contrast, my Rowan shawl I have knit 49 rows. I am almost done with my first skein. With the blue shawl, I have made many mistakes, knit the wrong row,developed holes that shouldn't be there, got messed up mid row, etc. I decided to retype the pattern making extra spaces bewteen each row and each stitch direction. Example: then: k1,p2 now: k1 p2 I need more space so I don't mess up. I want this blue shawl to look good. Plus if I left it as is, when I block it, it will be glaring every mistake I made and I will hate it and wished I ripped it out. So, here I go, rip rip rip....

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