Thursday, October 27, 2011

Birthday hat turned scarf

I was working on a hat for my nephew for his 1st bithday. I was knitting on straight needles and it was going fine till I made a mistake I couldn't fix due to my bad knitting and inexperience so I ripped it out. I really really need to learn how to knit a hat on circular needles. So I decided to try and knit him a scarf. I have a tight deadline of Nov 10th. Nov 11th is the party but I need some time to wash it and block it. It's going well but it's not perfect. I am hoping to knit 1 inch a day from now till the 10th. That would give me 14 more inches for a total lenght of 2 feet. It is curently 10 inches long. I do not know how long to make it and I don't know if 2 feet is long enough or not. I have a 6 month old baby I can use as a model. I will post a picture when I can. I am using the same yarn I used for the hat, Patons decor in a medium green. I really like the stitch pattern as it looks very similar to the brioche stitch I would like to learn. I am using size 5 needles so I can have a tighter knit scarf.

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