Saturday, November 12, 2011

Birthday scarf is done!

I finally finished my nephew's birthday scarf. It didn't turn out perfect but I hope his mother likes it enough to have him wear it. It is plenty long. He is a small kid for a year old. There are so many people who will not knit for those who do not appreciate it. I hope my sister in law is not one of them.

Onto my Christmas knitting!. I am currently knitting a shawl for my daughter and a hat for my other daughter. Although I have run into a snag. I do not have size 7 inch circulars. I asked the designer if the pattern could be done on straights. I hope she gets back to me quickly otherwise I will have to find money for the circulars. The last thing I am knitting is a hat for my husband. Hopefully it will turn out ok and be large enough. I'm a bit concerned that 88 stitches is not going to be big enough to fit his head. But we shall see.

I am anxious for the new year so I can get back to my own knitting and start on new gifts for others. I have 2 teachers and a possible third person in the works for gifts. A scarf for one teacher, dishclothes and dishtowels for the other teacher and a scarf for the third person. If I start in January, they should all get done by May which is the deadline. When in May I don't know yet.

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