Saturday, November 10, 2012

Brim is done!

An update on the hats: So far the first one is going so very well. It really is the best knitting I've ever done. I really think it might be the lifelines. When I put lifelines in I seem to make fewer mistakes. You can see 2 of them in the picture. The blue at the bottom is the provisional cast on. That is what I will pull out to reveal live stitches that I will start the second hat from. I'm really happy with it. I finished the brim. All 12-1/2 inches of it. It took me 11 days to do it. I was really concerned last weekend that I would never catch up. Technically I am 3 days behind but I am not worried because I can catch up in a day or two. That's what I like about the body of the hat. No matter how many days you are behind, it's easy to catch up because now I am only scheduled to do a row a day. To catch up I do 3 rows a day till at the day I am supposed to be at. Easy!

I got an email from a cousin of Joel's who recieved the hat I made and had sent her. If you remember, that hat was supposed to be for Joel. Obviously woukld not fit him. It looks good and it looks like it will fit him and his soon to be baby brother for a long time. I am so happy when I knit for people and they really like it and wear it and appreciate the time and effort it took to make it. Other people will be recipients of my knitting eventually. It just takes time and I have to stop being a selfish knitter so I can knit for others. It's just I can count on 1 hand the finished items I have for myself after almost 2 years of knitting. And 2 of them don't match each other!

I thought I would include something new. I love listening to knitting podcasts. You can listen to them on the computer or on an ipod or MP3 player. Aside from knitting, I love to listen to Wis conservative talk shows. That's pretty much what's on my MP3 player on any given day. I would say my top 5 knitting podcasts would be:

5. Yarns from the Plain-It's a British woman and I enjoy listening to her and the British view of life and knitting. Here is her blog:

4. Cast On-It's by an American lesbian who is living in England. She has no british accent. Here is her blog:

3. Ready Set Knit-It's a podcast by the owners of America's largest yarn store called Webs in Mass. I do want to go there someday. They always do an interview of a book author or knitting teacher. The husband always does a segment on closeout and sale yarns. It's interesting to see what yarns are being discontinued by the manufacture or what yarns the store is choosing to get rid of to make room for different ones.

2. Robinznest-A podcast by a woman in Idaho who is married to a pastor and they have a animal hobby farm. I like her voice-she just sounds like she would be a pastor's wife. I like her take on knitting and her challenges to get yarn and learn all about the knitting world.

1. Electric Sheep-This is my favorite podcast. Another British woman in the London area who talks about things knitterly and culturaly that relates to knitting. She also talks about London and things that are interesting and sometimes have to do with knitting. She is quite funny. I think she is young like in her 30's but sounds mature like in her 40's. Her blog:

A special mention podcast: Eat.Spin.Cake-This is another British podcast but this woman has the most intertesting accent I have ever heard. She lives in Northern England and her accent sounds like a mix of British and Scottish.

Three words they say that tickle me. Pattern is patton-as in Gen. Patton. Book--one podcaster says
be-uu-k. Inovative was said as-in-o-vit-ive.

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