Friday, November 2, 2012

Quick update on hats

I was going along well till I noticed I had twisted the joining of the work together on the circular needles. Can't do that unless you want a mobius cowl. So on Monday I ripped it all out and started over. I put in a lifeline after I knitted the working yarn into the provisional cast on. Worked like a charm! It tightened things up so I could make sure it was straight. Started again. I also decided to add the extra 4 inches into the brim and not divide it up between brim and body of the hat. So now instead of 8-1/2 inches of brim I have 12-1/2 inches of brim to do before I get to the body. Ugh! But I'm almost at 3 inches. Need to be at 4-1/2 by end of day to catch up. I am on a tight deadline to get this
2 in1 hat done by the end of November.

I also wanted to go down a needle size to tighten things up but I didn't have 2 circs of size 6. So I stayed with the 7's. I also realized that I lose a few days in December to get the second hat done because we open gifts on the 24th. If I can't quite finish, they can both try on the finished hat anyway. So far no major mistakes that I can see except a small hole which is fixable. I am also determined to finish my alpaca cowl by the end of Nov. I have to do 1 round a day and that includes the current repeat I am doing and 1 more. Very easy to do.

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