Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Two Finishes!

 The big finish is the cowl. I had a skein of alpaca in my stash and I decided to use it on this. It's a big cowl! I really wanted to use all the yarn so the 7 inches it was supposed to be ended up being 8 inches. I didn't use all the yarn. I still have yards and yards left. Not sure what I will do with it. I found the guy I bought this from online and he has an online store and sells the yarn. I may buy another skein of the gray and make something else. Can't bear to waste it or use it as waste yarn.

The other finish is a scarf I made for my mom for Christmas. It is a bit small since it was only one skein of 120 yards. I hope she can use it somehow.
Now I have to decide what do work on next. I have 3 projects in my baskets. The poncho, a shawl for Grace which will never get done because the yarn is to grabby on the needles. I need to consider different needles for this or it will take me 3 years to finish it. My goal is to be done by next winter. I also have a shawlette I'm working on. Plus the other UFO (un finished objects) I have upstairs. Of course the urge to cast on something new is strong. Plus I have to decide what to take to WI for the trip.
So what did I do? I cast on this! I have a specific reason for which I am not comfortable revealing at the moment. Needless to say it covers the neck area high and low well which is the only thing I will say. This looks like it will fit the bill. I have 114 yards of light blue bulky yarn. The pattern says it uses 100 yards of bulky. It will be interesting to see because I got a yardage counter last Christmas and used it to measure what I had left in the blue yarn. I hope it is accurate. I am enjoying using straight needles in the harmony from Knit Picks. Have I ever shown you a picture of these needles? Here's one:
Aren't they pretty? These are my needles of choice. I would love a full set of these in straights and interchangables. I am very slowly working on it. I plan to buy some when I am in WI for vacation. I use circular needles much more than straights. I think I only have 2 pairs of straights of these. I have a bunch of metal needles someone gave to me who can't knit anymore.

That's it for now. Sorry I couldn't post this earlier but I had to wait for the scarf to be opened!

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