Thursday, December 27, 2012

Startitis again?

Now with the hat and cowl done I am at a crossroads. I do have to make the second hat for Joel. Do I pick up my poncho and keep knitting on that or do I give in to the desire to start new projects? I was looking at my queue in and I have a few projects I want to start. I can't show all of them because some are gifts but here are some I can show:

I want to make these for the family for next Christmas. These stockings call for bulky yarn and I have 2 skeins of bulky Packer yarn I had no idea what to use it for. Now I do! It will be a stocking for Sam. I will have the girls and Joel pick out what colors they would like. I want gray. I will have to figure something out for Daisy to. I love the colors in this picture.

I want to make one of these for Hannah for her birthday. April might be warm around here but I couldn't do it for Christmas with the hats I made.

I have mentioned this before. I can't explain how I feel when I look at this. It's like looking at the warmest softest hug you can imagine. I even want to make it in the colors shown. It's really big though. I would like to make it smaller but not sure how.

I saw this sweater made up in the yarn store in Delafield. Fell in love! It would cost around $80 to knit this in the largest size. The skeins are $20 each but have 475 yards in them. I love the rustic simple look to them. I even toyed with making a thermal shirt to wear underneath for an extra layer of warmth. I was freezing at my mother-in-laws house. Problem is with so much to knit this year it doesn't make sence to start this.

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