Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Finishes

I have 2 new finishes. I finished the scarf and I made a pair of fingerless mitts. The scarf looks odd because I had to use two seperate colors. But as long as it will cover up my scar I don't really care. I really do love this yarn as both projects were made out of it. It's called Bernat Waverly. Joann's sells it. It's really soft and doesn't feel cheap like Red Heart does.

 I made the mitts for me but I realized they don't keep my fingertips warm. I never did understand the concept. So I will make the other one and give them to Hannah who said she liked them. Grace said she liked them to but really likes fliptop mittens and I do to. I just need to figure out how to make the flip top part on this pattern. These were so easy and quick. My knitting was good-finally!. I was worried about the thumb but sewing up the thumb area while wearing really does help you see what to do. I must say I was surprised the girls like these mitts since I made them. Hannah bought a beret hat yesterday (on sale for $2) and I was disapointed and told her I was going to knit her one for her birthday. She said she wanted one with color in it. The one she bought was a beige/creme color. I will show her yarn I was going to use and see if she likes it.

Back to working on my WIPS...

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