Saturday, March 30, 2013

Stocking is done!!!

I finally finished it. I finished knitting on Saturday and sewed and wove in the ends. The only thing I have let to do is make a i-cord for a hanger thingy. Whew! Now to the other two. They should go easier. I am going to have to buy more yarn for them because I only bought one skein and since it calls for bulky weight and the yarn is worsted I will need to knit from 2 skeins at the same time. I am not worried about dye lots. Normally you should buy what you need for your projects all at once so you have the same dye lots. Some colors can be slightly lighter or darker from skein to skein. So if you are knitting say a sweater and you run out of a skein and go to another one with a different dye lot you may end up with a line showing where the last skein ended and the new skein started. But since I am knitting with both skeins at the same time, it would give a sligtly verigated effect I think. Since I am knitting I will need to find a system that keeps them from tangling together. I am looking forward to looking at a different colored yarn for awhile. I don't know if I will get all 5 done by Christmas but I decided that at least I will get the 3 done for the kids. I haven't found the perfect yarn for mine yet. I also don't have yarn for Joel's yet.

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