Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stop and Starting

I haven't done much on Sam's stocking since the last post. I think I'm tired of it. Plus I have started 3 more projects. A shawl with this yarn.

 Plus another shawl that Joel bought the pattern for me and I had yarn in my stash . I really like it and it is fun to see it evolve.

The last project is a sock. I got a book on knitting socks on 2 circulars from the library. Her basic sock intriqued me because it is all ribbing from cuff to toe.  Her sizes are weird, childs medium and womans medium. What does that mean?! I decided to try the child's small and hope it is not to tight. But if it is ribbing all the way down, it should have enough stretch to make it work.

My sock

The first picture shows the needles. They are 40 inch needles. Clearly I don't need such large needles for one sock. But according to a picture of the sock book I have the sock will grow quite a bit as I knit it. I also wanted to show you the cuff so far.

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