Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wasted time

Well I finished the "wrap" in the paco-vicuna yarn. Lets just say it was a waste of time. I ended up knitting a big square. I knew early on it would end like this but I hoped somehow it would magically grow. I am ripping it out. I decided to make socks out of the yarn. I thought about mitten liners but fear they wouldn't hold up. I found a sock pattern that uses bulky weight yarn. My only concern is I'm afraid wearing them on hardwood floors will be like walking on ice-very slippery. I do want socks badly but these will have to wait until I finish the stocking at least.

I am making more progress slowly on the black shawl. I can't believe how slowly it's going. Every other row it grows by 2 stitches. I'm regretting the stocking because I'm not crazy about how it's looking and I have a self imposed deadline to finish it by the end of the month so I can start Hannah's.

I figure if I finish Hannah's stocking by end of November I have 23 days to knit that hat for Sam/Joel. I decided that they will share the hat. They have the same head size. Neither wear hats unless bitterly cold outside so why make two when one will do?

I am frustrated by that pattern but I am looking forward to knitting those socks. Let's hope for a really cold winter so I can wear them a lot.

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