Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pointy sock

Ok, a quick updade on Grace's christmas stocking. How did I not see this sooner? Anyway I was very close to being done only 5 more rounds to go. Then I stopped and looked at it. Why didn't I take a picture? The toe had turned into a point. One side had turned into a 90 degree angle where all the decreases were! It looked stupid.the pattern called for two needles but I thought I could do it with one. Maybe, but I also noticed that I hadn't done the increases right. I was only doing one total when I should have been doing 2 on each side. Why am I such a bad knitter?
So I ripped it back to when I started the decreasing for the toe and used 2 needles (I had 48 stitches total) and put one needle in half the stitches and the other needle in the other half. I used different stitch markers that will not fall out as easy. I also noticed that doing this section will go fast because I will be decreasing 4 stitches each round, 2 per needle. So that made me feel better about ripping back. I really really want to start Hannah's stocking. I was afraid something like this was going to happen.
I also decided that when I am done with this I will hang it up for Christmas but then will take it back, rip it out back to the heel and re-knit the second half till I am happy with it. The heel is much to big. I said I would make them stockings and I want them "hung by the chimney with care".

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