Friday, November 18, 2011

My single sock story

Back in July I made my first sock. Yes, only one. I had one skein of Patons Kroy sock yarn. I didn't have enough to make a second sock. I made an ankle sock. I went looking for the colorway and no stores in the area carry it. So I have an orphan sock.

Today I went to a football game and the weather was cold mid to high 30's and windy. I decided to do an experiment. On one foot I wore my handknit sock. On the other foot I wore two of my normal cotton socks. I wanted to see which foot stayed warmer. I wore my sketchers shape ups.

I forgot about my feet till halftime. I focused on my feet and noticed that both feet seemed equally warm. My toes were the only things chilly. At the end of the game I noticed that they were still equally warm. So my wool sock did as good a job as two cotton socks. I am very pleased with the sock. It was warm and comfortable. I can't wait to make a pair now. I will have to buy 2 skeins this time. I will wear my orphan sock now with pride.

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