Saturday, February 25, 2012

Joy and...sigh....

I will start with the joy. Yesterday I went to Sheep in the City getaway. It was in Oak Creek near the airport. It was smaller than last year but still a decent amount of vendors including one all the way from Pennsylvania! I got there and walked around the room going to all the vendors probably 3-4 times before I decided on what I wanted. The first thing I saw when I got there was a vendor selling sock yarn for 40% off. Problem was I didn't see any colors I liked. But in the end I did buy some. As I was walking out, I saw someone had left a just started project on a chair. The yarn caught my eye. I saw the yarn she had and I knew she had bought it from the 40%off vendor. I went to see if I could find a skein. I found one left. The yarn is basically and gray and purple sock yarn. The yarn was $16.00 and I got it for $10 and change after the 40% off.

I bought 2 other sock yarns and a pair of needles. The first time I saw the vendor from Penn. I saw this tiny mini skein of yarn I fell in love with. I can't show you a picture because their website isn't very detailed. But It's called, get this...Northwoods cottage! How could I not buy it? It has different shades of browns, beiges and pinks. It will make great looking socks.

The last yarn I bought was from a vendor I bought from last year called Happy Hands yarns. Can't show you a picture of that either because I think it was a test yarn. They had 6-7 skeins of it. It's a black and red hand dyed yarn. I think it might look good as a shawl. Each skein has 225 yards in it and I bought 2. So I had 450 yards to make a shawl/shawlette if I want. Or socks.

The last thing I bought was pair of needles. I am using size 4 neeles to make my socks and I am looking to go down to a size 3 and try that. But the Knit Picks needles I get in my local Ben Franklin store don't carry size 3's. I would have to order them online. I bought them for $7 which I thought was agood deal. I got home and compared to the Knit Picks and I would have spend $.50 more, plus shipping. So I think I got a good deal. These needles are called Chiaogoo (chee-oww-goo). Many people love these needles so I thought I would give them a try. I got one with a 40 inch cable so I can do socks on magic loop. I will try an take pictures of the yarns I bought and show them top you that way.

The sigh I referred to in the title of this post has to do with my Packer sock. Earlier this week I was going well on it. I had made the opening for the leg and was knitting along when I looked at it and it was not stockinette but garter stitch. I think what happened was after I made the opening, I turned the sock inside out (or opposite of the way I had it) and started knitting. I couldn't fix it. I tried ripping it out only to make it worse and I ended up with big holes and gaps. In the end, Icouldn't live with it and I ripped the whole thing out and strted over. I struggled with the cast on (that is the hardest part for me with this pattern)but I am finally cruising along and I hope to have a virtually mistake free sock this time around. I have to=ill Sept. to get these socks done so I'm not in to big of a hurry. I just really wanted one sock done so I could try doing 2 at a time.

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