Sunday, December 26, 2010

Scarf Progress

Well, it's not perfect but it's coming along. I ripped it out 4-5 times before I just let it go. I am learning more about tension and what it does to a piece of knitting. But I want to finish this so I will keep going. I think I enjoy using smaller needles than the size 13's I am using on this scarf. I think my next project with be something in the purl stitch. One step at a time. I'm not ready for socks or hats yet. I don't have circulars-but I really want them. I desperately want to make socks and a shawl. My daughter is frustrated with knitting and she can't get the tension right. She's using cotten and I struggle with that to. I think she needs to use fatter yarn to get comfortable and convince herself she can do it. I want to take her to the yarn boutique in Brookfield and see if the ladies can help her.

I decided after knitting on it some more to rip it one more time and try again. This time, I got it. The key I learned was to have very consistant and light tension. Plus I decided to slip the first stitch. It's amazing how it gives both edges the same look. Now I have a scarf that is the same width. I'm very happy with it!

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