Saturday, December 18, 2010

Went to a yarn store

Today I went to The River Boutique and Yarns yarn shop in Brookfield, WI today. Oh my! I love this place. It has tons of yarn and the best part about it is the atmosphere. They have in the front-middle of the store couches and chairs to just sit and knit! I walked in and the owners or workers were just stitting there knitting. No other customers were there. I talked to them for awhile and they are so warm and inviting.

It is so opposite of another yarn store I have gone to called Knitch in Delafield. It's a great place to, but it's more buisness like than a knitting environment. The knitting area is in the far back of the store. Kind of like a private room. At River Boutique the knitters and customers are all blended together free to talk and share with each other. Plus it's a bigger store with room to move. I feel like I should buy something at Knitch, but at the River Boutique, they don't seem to care if I buy, they seem more interested in sharing the knitting knowledge and encouraging you and helping you and showing you. I don't feel uncomfortable asking questions or asking for help. At Knitch I feel I need to take a class to get the attention I need and my questions answered. Both are great places but I feel more comfortable at River Boutique. I can't wait to take my daughter there to just sit on the couches and knit and talk. Plus I want her to touch the 100% angora yarn that's $45 a skein! God must have made his clouds out of angora! Come on Christmas, hurry up and get here so I can knit!

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