Thursday, December 29, 2011

Post Christmas news

Well, I gave the hat and the shawl to Joel and Grace. I explained they weren't done or needed to be reknit. So now I have to do that. They were good about it. I realized I have 7 unfinished projects laying around. I decided to print out the month of January and write in a project on each day and see how much I can get done in a month. If I finish something, I will add another project to that day so that project will get a second day each week to be worked on.

Two projects have been bothering me. A gray scarf made from baby alpaca with a twist yarn. It had been a UFO (unfinished object) for months. I dragged it out and looked at it. I hated how it looked. Like a 5th grader had knit it. Loose stitches and gaps and just bad knitting. I have learned that alpaca is a yarn that needs to be knit at a tighter guage to hold its shape. I was knitting the scarf on size 8 needles which is to large even for this tight knitter. So I decided to rip it out. I have 68 grams of the yarn. It is a DK (double knit) weight and not a worsted which I thought it was. I decided I want to make bed socks out of the yarn--if 68 grams is enough! DK is probably double the thickness of fingering/sock yarn. I don't know if I will have enough yarn to complete a pair of socks. I have only knit 1 sock so far due to not having a second skein and not finding the colorway anymore in stores. The reason I want them as bed socks is to give me something luxurious to wear to bed and keep my keep very warm. Being that we don't have any carpet in the house I can't wear them around the house unless I want to pretend I'm an ice skater! Plus I don't want to get them dirty or get holes in them.

I am enjoying knitting with two circulars! I finished Joel's hat with them and will make him a new one with 2 circs. I am finishing a practice mitten I started months ago on cheap red heart yarn someone had given me back in my loom knitting days. As I was getting close to the top of the mitten, I switched to 2 circs and it was so easy. I noticed an improvement in my knitting. No more ladders! I am now knitting the thumb and loving it. I can't wait to make more things with 2 circs. it is more expensive to have 2 pairs of every circular size but if it improves my knitting and makes me enjoy knitting more, so be it! I have an eclectic collection of circular needles. More than half of my pairs are from St. Vincent DePaul and they are old but they work. I want to get enough nice needles-either Knit Picks or Susan Bates so I can get rid of the Goodwill needles.

I have so many things I want to knit in the coming year but I also want to finish all my unfinished projects (UFO's) to. So I will be busy but I will keep you posted!

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