Friday, October 4, 2013

I want to knit all the things!

As you know I started Hannah's stocking. I didn't get far before I was drawn away by another project. Hand warmers. I made a pair last year and gave them to Hannah who will probably never wear them. I may take them back and give them to Grace and see if she will wear them. Somehow I talked myself into knitting a pair for me quick.

So far they are quick. I just finished one in 3 days and need to sew it up so I can wear it. As soon as I finish the second one I will be a good girl and go back to the stocking. I will post a picture when they are done.

I was looking on Ravelry at all the newly posted patterns as I do everyday. There are that many!  I saw one for boot toppers. I've seen these before but they "sell" them as decorations for the tops of your boots. But this pattern showed them in a practical way. More like leg warmers and they can keep the snow out of your boot legs and if snow does get in it will not make your legs wet. You need to use wool though. Acrylic will soak up the snow and your pants will still be wet. I have this strong desire to knit warm things for winter. It's like a nesting urge. I have a pair of thick socks waiting to be knit. Then came these hand warmers and now these boot toppers. Winter is supposed to be extra cold and snowy this year. I want warm knitted things!!!!! Stupid stocking. Sigh....

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