Wednesday, October 23, 2013

More thoughts about mitts


I am wearing the mitts I made because my hands are cold. They actually help. But it's my fingertips that really get cold. It got me to thinking maybe I could make myself a pair of warm ones with the flip tops. But for right now my fingertips are warming up. But these are mostly nylon and acrylic. Warm wool would be better. 

But I want the mitts to be hard wearing. I have a nice pair of 100 percent alpaca mittens. They are a bit big due to the nature of alpaca-it has no memory. I bought them for $20 at the wisconsin sheep and wool festival 2 years ago. They are double knit. The top layer developed holes from wearing them driving the car! The friction of the steering wheel on the mittens. I have mended them but they look bad due to the gray alpaca I used. These mittens are amazing when you shovel snow. Warmest things I have. 

I have never been a big fan of bulky weight yarn. But I think I am going to rethink that. The thought of having a thick warm throw as I knit or watch tv is suddenly appealing. Thick mitts or thick socks. I better stop before I cast something on.

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