Thursday, June 30, 2011

My first purse

As I was kntting the scarf, I was needing another skein so I went to Micheals and Joanns to get one. Well, since I got my first skein free and the dye lot was different, I couldn't continue the scarf without a distinctive color change line in it. So I decided to rip out my heavy thick scarf. I was looking for a one skein project to use it up. I found this pattern. I am not sure if I will have enough yarn but will knit till I use it up or till I finish the pattern-which ever comes first. I plan on going to Joanns and buying some fabric to line the purse with. I also plan to buy a button and knit a button band (as I call it) as a closure of the purse (instead of a snap or magnetic closure). It should only take 3-4 days to knit this. Then the fun begins as I choose a fabric lining. I will not put the ribbon bow on it but I will use dowls. It will give it a bit of a handle and texture. I will show more pictures as I finish the knitting and when I have the lining and button.

I am almost done with the knitting. I have 2 rows left or until I run out of yarn. I am glad I had enough yarn to do the "button band". I made the button band with the opposite end of the yarn ball. It seemed to work well. I bought a dowl and some poly-stain to "paint" the dowl with to protect the dowl from water when the purse gets washed. So far I am pretty pleased with it. It won't be done till later this month because I have to have my cousin put the lining in. I'm anxious to take it to church as see if anyone notices.

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