Friday, July 1, 2011

Knitting in Public

As I am getting more and more into knitting, I am taking it with me when I go places. Today I spent a few hours sitting in a mall food court and knit while my daughter and her friends went shopping. I felt slightly uncomfortable as a older man seemed to be watching me or at least was facing my direction as he sat in a chair. I noticed I fumbled and bumbled and made mistakes as he sat there. I finally settled down and then relaxed when he left. I really was to interested in my knitting to be looking around to see who was watching me. But I am getting more comfortable knitting in public. I knitted while I waited for a parade to start, and I knitting at a pool.

I also realize that when I knit in public, I am out of the house and do not feel guilty knitting. I seem to enjoy it more. I had 2+ hours of guilt free knitting today, yesterday I had 2+ hours out knitting while I was at a pool and my girls were swimming. I'm looking forward to my next knitting in public non-guilty knitting time.

I am still working on my Rowan shawl. I am almost down with my second ball. I love working on this shawl. I love the needles, I love the yarn and I love the feel of the needles and the yarn together. It's an easy pattern as long as you pay attention.

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