Thursday, July 28, 2011

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did it! I made a sock. It's not perfect, there are holes and gaps and ridges and all that should not be there. I wish the sock was good enough to wear in public but I think they will make good bed socks. I will make a second one but I have a problem. I weighed the leftover yarn and the sock and I am 6 grams short!! Now what do I do?? I suppose I could rip it out and make a pair for my youngest daughter. I don't have any money to buy new sock yarn-even with coupons. I am curious to maybe try some sock yarn that is named stretchy. But I'm afraid my tension would be weird because I will feel I need to knit really tight to compensate for the stretchiness.

I really want to make another pair. I am proud of my holey, gappy, ridged sock. According to at least 3 yarn store workers, I chose a very hard pattern (that isn't well known) to try, in addition to my learning to make my first sock. That makes me feel good. One woman in her 20's and in college said she has been knitting since she was 6 and she still hasn't tried socks. I have been knitting since December. The only change I would make to the pattern is to try and give my toe at least 1 extra row of room. I am so used to slightly roomy toes that it bothers me a bit. But in the winter I don't think it will matter.

So now I am going to obsess about knitting more socks. I will be knitting socks on my vacation. I hope you like my sock. The pattern really wasn't that hard but the bumps in the patttern road slowed me down but I'm glad I had them so I could make sure I did it right. I do think this may be the only template I use. I do think I can use other patterns and knit lacy or ribbed socks etc. just keep the same template. But I do like just plain stockinette socks. With a size 4 needle you can hardly see the stockinette.

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