Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More sock progress!

Here is a picture of the sock on my foot.

Here is a picture of the heel that is still opened and I will need to close with a 3 needle bind off. Another new skill to learn. Hope it's not to hard.

Let's see, where did I leave off. I had lost half of the stitches because I accidentally pulled the needle out. I needed to go to a yarn shop to get them back on. Then I kept knitting on the sock and it went around my heel. I knew that was wrong so I went for help again. Turns out I needed to do the decreases as written and not worry about how small the opening was getting. So this picture shows the decrease heel where the colored stitch markers are I will need to close the heel next, and the opening for the leg that I CUT! (I only had to cut 1 stitch and unravel to make the hole). I am so close to finishing. This second picture is the sock on my foot. It fit better than it did as I was trying it on as I was knitting it. I think cutting the leg opening makes a difference and relaxes the stitches.

The next post and picture will be of a finished yet mistake sprinkled sock! Stay tuned.

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