Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So far so slightly frustrating

Here is a pic of my sock so far. The first picture I took I ended up ripping out because it was way to big and too many mistakes. I recast on (at least 4 times to get it right) and this is my progress. I think I was reading the pattern wrong and I altered how I was doing the increase rounds. It has made it better and doesn't grow as fast. I have a few holes which I do not know how they happened. I knitted on the wrong side somehow for a few rows, twice. The sock now has 2 horizontal ridges on it. Plus I have been dealing with side ladders. But....it's an easy knit so far. I am so causiously optimistic that I will end up with a sock when it is all said and done. If this works I will email the book author and give her a virtual bear hug!

I am at the point in my foot where my foot actually turns inward (my arch?). I try on the sock every few rows to check for tightness. It feels fine I guess. Problem is, the pattern only talks about increases due to a tight fit, not for a sock that is growing wide. I guess I would just take the increase directions and just decrease instead. Maybe I won't have a problem. So I keep knitting and praying.

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  1. Hi Jennifer!

    Thanks for stopping by & visiting my blog about Christmas knitting. I couldn't find your e-mail addy, so I have to contact you via your great blog.

    First of all, Cat Bordhi, is a genius when it comes to knitting. When it comes to socks...well, she definitely thinks out of the box. I tried to knit my 1st pr. of socks from her book, SOCKS SOAR ON TWO CIRS, I almost gave up on knitting socks.

    Then, I got some knitting software (Sock Wizard vol. 1 & Sock Wizard vol. 2) & with some help from friends, I finally got the hang of sock knitting...from the top down.

    I finally learned to knit socks from the toe up when I tried Wendy Johnson's patterns.


    Also, from Wendy Johnson's book: Socks from the Toe Up: Essential Techniques and Patterns from Wendy Knits [Paperback] by Wendy D. Johnson


    And, from the More Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch


    Hang in there. You'll get it with practice.

    Please send me your e-mail addy. We have a lot in common.

    My addy is Luvsknitting at gmail dot com