Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Decision made!

I thought and thought and researched and slept on it and just placed my order for the Knit Picks Yarn. I decided to buy it even though I said I didn't want to spend money on yarn. Why? Well, during my research I was reading about alpaca and socks and how lovely they are together. My alpaca is sport weight and would make great bed socks. That thought excited me far more than legwarmers did. Also I kept coming back to memory and stretch. Wool has plenty of both. I wanted the control and consistancy wool gives you. Alpaca...not so much. I have read horror stories of people who have knit an alpaca sweater, hand washed it, and it grew enormous. The knitter was distraught. You also have to knit with way smaller needles to compensate.

Needles...I have a pair of size 4 needle tips. These needles are interchangables. You have needles tips and cables/cords. You screw the needles into each end the cord and you have a circular needle! I want to knit these legwarmers 2 at a time either on 2 circulars or magic loop. The thought of making these 1 at a time does not give me a good feeling. I want to wear them asap! Using sport weight will take far long to knit than worsted weight. Depending on what size needle I will use, I will have to buy some tips. I will knit the cuffs flat and then transfer to circulars later. I will get the yarn next week sometime. My mittens will be done either today or tommorow.

Thank you for bearing with me as I agonized over this. It wasn't just about money, it was also the fiber that was a big decision. This is a crap shoot since I have never seen or touched or knit with this yarn before. I may hate it or I may love it. But if knitting with the Rowan Purelife is any indication (love love love it!) I will like it enough.

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