Monday, January 23, 2012

From Mittens to Legwarmers

Yesterday I was sitting in church freezing and I thought, "I need to knit myself some legwarmers". I have 2 ankle length skirts so no one would see I am wearing them. I figured black would be good since one of my skirts is black. I found a pattern that says they could even be used as support hose, that's how snug they can be. That is exactly what I want since I don't want them to be bulky or slip down my legs.

I went to Knitch today to look at yarn and thought I found what I wanted. It was wool that was $5 for a 50 gram ball. Good price, but then I got home and went to Knit Picks because I knew they had cheap wool. Well, I can get 4 balls of wool at Knitch for $20. But at Knit Picks I can get the same amount for $14.95 and that includes shipping! I have the money so I just have to order the yarn. I figure I should have it either late this week or early next week.

I'm anxious to finish these mittens so I can start on the legwarmers. I feel bad because I have a hat for Joel to remake and a shawl to finish for Grace that seems to be turning into a black hole. There is just so much I want to knit for myself. I also really want to make myself a pair of socks in worsted weight so bad so I have some thick warm socks or bed or for wearing with my boots. To much knitting and no time!

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