Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Yarn dilemma

Yesterday I said I was going to buy the Knit Picks yarn but the person who designed the legwarmers I am going to knit really encourages a 50/50 wool alpaca yarn for bounce and spring back. So I am going to hold off buying anything till tomorrow when I can go to a yarn store in Brookfield to look at some wool/alpaca yarn. This store has at least one if not two kinds. The cost is probably triple per skein than the Knit Picks yarn but if she insists so much maybe it's worth investing.

I am concerned that the alpaca will stretch out. But the wool is there to keep it in line I guess. I do have a skein of 100% alpaca in my stash but I'm afraid that would really stretch. The problem is no one has made these legwarmers other than the designer so i can't see what others have iused and how they turned out. Ravelry is great but there are so many patterns going up every day that some patterns don't get knit by others right away. I may be the first! I will keep you posted.

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