Sunday, January 8, 2012


Here is the mitten with about an inch of ribbing.

Here is it with the ribbing done and I am working on the hand. The wrist is not seamed up since I did it on straight needles. Then I put a lifeline in (the green yarn) and put the stitches on 2 circular needles. I was worried I would have to buy 2pairs of size 5 circular needles but I found 2 in Joel's hat. I am going to rip out the hat again and start over. I am thinking this mitten will be a bit tight. I wish I would have increased the stitches by 2-4. The ribbing will really need to stretch to fit aropund my wrist. Maybe I can increase the wrist by at least 4. Progress is quick so if I do decide to rip it out and increase the stitches I should be able to do that. The weather is supposed to be good and only possible flurries on Thursday.

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