Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Magic loop issues

Yesterday I cast on for my legwarmers. I couldn't figure out how to get it so that there were 20 stitches on one half of the needle and 20 on the other half. You have to fold the cord in half and slide the stitches to do magic loop. So off to Knitch I go to ask for help after work today. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, I just don't know what it is. I am doing 2 at a time not just one. If it was one I could do it.

I have been working on my Packer sock the last few days. It's amazing how learning to knit on 2 circulars makes knitting with magic loop easy. All magic loop is is knitting with one less needle. The cord acts like second needle. I had not knit on the sock for a long time and had forgotten how to knit with it. I stopped and realized it's like knitting with 2 needles. So once that was straight in my head. I was able to knit corectly. I was turing the work instead of pulling out needles and I was making garter stitch when I wanted stockinette. I am now racing along and it's looking good. I'm past the toe (it's toe up) and working toward the ankle bone. This is my favorite part of the sock. It's just endless knitting in the round for awhile.

I think when I finish the sock, I will try doing 2 at a time but it will be with 2 different sock yarns. I will knit the other Packer sock and then start on another sock with different yarn. It's the same pattern, just differnt yarn. Should be interesting. I've also decided I like magic loop for socks, especially using sock weight yarn. Using 2 circulars seems to give me ladders at the joins or start of the rows. I wasn't sure I liked magic loop because I didn't understand it. But working with 2 circs makes magic loop easier. But I think that was the whole point of inventing it.

Here is a video on how to do magic loop:

Watching that video, I think I am doing it wrong. I am pulling out the bottom needle all the time and not the top one. It looks ok.... sigh.

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