Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My mitten...sigh

Well, here are pictures of my mitten. It is turned right side out. As you can see there are unseemly seams

Picture #1 is a full shot of the mitten side one
Picture #2 is shot of mitten side two
Picture #3 is a bettter shot of the seams and lines

As you can see it is not perfect. I am disapointed. I was hoping this would look better. I haven't sewed the cuff yet. Basically what I did was knit the cuff on straight needles then I transfered the stitches onto 2 circular needles and followed the pattern. I just don't know why my knitting is so sloppy. I am working on the second mitten. I can't tell yet how it's looking but the cuff looks totally different on this mitten than the first. Sigh...

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